The Unity Story

Unity Medical Center (UMC) is a 49 bed, acute care hospital located at 481 Interstate Drive, in Manchester Tennessee. UMC came into existence on July 1, 2015 when the two existing hospitals, Medical Center of Manchester and United Regional Medical Center, joined together to begin a new healthcare journey. 


Through tremendous effort, and purpose, Unity leadership was able to transition the two facilities into one superior institution. Although the merger provided great challenges in combining the two cultures the outcome has proven to be positive. We continue to make tremendous strides in becoming the community hospital for the people of Manchester. 


Unity provides additional services historically not available in Manchester. The surgical department is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment.  An additional planned investment of more than $250,000 will further establish the commitment to provide services to the community.  Furthermore, as a result of the July 1 merger, Manchester is now home to more than 20 specialist ranging from a full time cardiologist to orthopedics and pulmonology to name a few. We fully expect these numbers to continue to grow. Unity is proud to bring the first Women’s Health Clinic to the area located at 482 Interstate Drive (across from the hospital). 


We have changed our once shrinking business cycle, to a very dynamic development cycle and will continue to grow and expand healthcare to the community.  It should be stated, the hospital business is very complicated.  Consolidation, or merging two significantly different hospitals, is far more complex than other industries.  Managing the people while continuing to deliver the care to the sick and injured is extremely challenging.  This process must meet the expectations of the regulators, as well as surpass the needs of the community.


Unity Medical Center (UMC) has already had an impact on the community by supporting multiple organizations connected to healthcare.  UMC had a key role in supporting the CCHS Health Occupational class by donating supplies and equipment.  Unity has partnered with Star Rehab to furnish the Athletic Trainer for the local school system.  Another area of support provided by UMC is the significant involvement in the Convoy of Hope project.  This project is the largest health related event in the area and Unity is pleased to have donated equipment, supplies and volunteers to support its success.  UMC is also proud of its relationship with Partners for Healing, an organization that provides free health care to the working uninsured.


Unifying the two hospitals has given Manchester an organization that is committed to the improvement of healthcare to local residents.  This unification will create a financially strong institution that will lead the development of additional supportive activities and local partnerships.  Unity Medical Center has positioned itself as the leader of healthcare in Manchester.


Our Team

Martha McCormick


"I believe that we have an opportunity to provide excellent care to a community of which we are all members."

Bobby Couch


"Unity is a terrific indicator of the Manchester healthcare community's focus on its people's needs."

Bappa Mukherji

Chairman of the Board

"We have made large strides in emergent and specialty care and look forward to increase the quality of care at Unity Medical Center."

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481 Interstate Drive

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