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Unity Medical Center wins Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award for 3rd year in a row

Unity Medical Center is 1 of 7 Tennessee facilities recognized by Healthgrades for winning the Outstanding Patient Experience Award! Congratulations to all of the Unity Medical Center staff on a job well done! This is the third year in a row that Unity Medical Center has been recognized for winning this award from Healthgrades. This award is based off of patient experience surveys from HCAHPS obtained from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Thank you to the community for continuing to trust in us and letting us be the place that you come for your families healthcare needs. Click the below link for the list of Tennessee facilities who were recognized for this receiving this award in 2022.

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Unknown member
Jul 25, 2022

I'm not surprised they won this award, I came to the ER July 22nd, leaving from work and Do not even remember driving there, I was very sick and being a nurse a bad patient (lol) and they took very good care of me and was very patient with me with an ER full of sick people. They checked on me continuously and when I left was feeling alot better, confident, and safe. I ended up having covid a really bad case of it, so far I have heard from a representative from the hospital 3x checking on me. The doctor checked on me 6 times while I was a patient, listen to me and treated me accordingly to…

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