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National Compliment Day!

It's Monday! While Monday is not our favorite day of the week, nor anyone else's, today is a little bit different. Today (January 24th, 2022) is National Compliment Day.

You might be wondering what do compliments have to do with health? You'll be surprised at the effect that a simple compliment can have on someone.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Beverly Pedroche is an expert on "Attention Training" and explains that attention training is used to help those struggling with depression and anxiety to be more conscious of what thoughts they leave their attention to. When you focus on negative thoughts your mind creates negative feelings, and likewise for positive thoughts.

Complimenting someone helps to assist them in creating a positive mindset for themselves. A positive mindset leads to positive action, which leads to positive decisions, which leads to a happier life. We should all take the time out of our day to compliment someone and help our neighbors build a positive life.

So here is our challenge to you:

For the next 30 days, starting from today, we challenge you to:

  1. Give out an authentic and genuine compliment every day to at least one person.

  2. Start with people you know and value and deliver them some heartfelt, meaningful words.

  3. Acknowledge something unique and special about someone and let them know.

  4. Write it down. Look at those words on paper. You feel good right? Of course you do! Once you've conquered your circle, try moving all that positivity to an acquaintance or maybe even a stranger.

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