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Hunt for Happiness

You may not know this, but the third week of January is national Hunt for Happiness week.

We can all collectively agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown to many of us how volatile happiness can be. We as people rely on social activities, hobbies, habits, family, and friends in order for us to find happiness and purpose in our lives. Many of these things were taken away from us during this pandemic, not just as individuals, but as a society. As a healthcare facility we want to encourage our community to focus on their personal health, both physically and mentally.

As we experience this tail-end of COVID-19 we must stop and ask ourselves how can we as humans Hunt for Happiness. Here are our suggestions how to hunt for YOUR happiness:

* Consider exploring these areas of your life and discovering where you find joy.

- Who are the people in your life that bring you happiness? Seeing them might bring you joy.

- When you walk into work, do you feel surrounded by supportive peers? At the end of the day, do you feel satisfied with a job well done?

- Have you experienced a sense of peace when meditating or praying? A spiritual connection is often an essential part of overall happiness.

- Taking care of your health and connecting to the outdoors improves your physical well being. It allows us to be independent and be an asset to others.

- Develop community connections and social activities that broaden your horizons

- Identify your favorite activities and pursue them more often.

- Review your finances. While money doesn't buy happiness, managing the money we do make does help us create security in our lives.

We hope that these tips help you find a stronger path to happiness in your life!

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