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Happy Valentines Day!

The Unity Medical Center family wants to wish everyone a happy Valentines day! Valentines day is a day for appreciation of our loved ones, whether that be a significant other, family, or close friends.

While this day may be a day specified for appreciation and admiration let us not forget that we should show love on a daily basis to those we care for, and those who care for us. We are not promised tomorrow so it is our duty to make the best of every day that is given to us, and loving those around us is included in that. In our continuous mission to provide the best care possible to the patients that enter our facility we understand that love must be the foundation of this. Our staff knows this as well, and we are so grateful for our incredible faculty that has continued to work hard to provide the highest quality healthcare available.

Thank you to everyone who makes our work possible! Thank you to our workers, thank you to our patients who choose us for their healthcare needs, and thank you for reading this post and supporting our community. Happy Valentines Day.

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