About Us

About Our Providers and Provider Network

Unity Medical Center's provider network is comprised of highly experienced physicians and therapists. Each of Unity's providers take great pride in delivering personalized and high quality care to any patient. Unity Medical Center's provider network is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical service to a community that we care for, highly value, and promise to serve with passion.

Unity Medical's extensive network provides family/primary care, specialized care, cardiopulmonary care, emergency services, intensive care, lab work, telemedicine services, surgical services, and radiology/medical imaging services.

Manchester Family Medicine

1615 McMinnville Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355


Dr. William Daniel


Candace Kusch

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Heather Carter


Sue Richardson

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Sarah Wilson


Nicole Brinkley

Nurse Practitioner

Meet Our Providers

Manchester Rural Health Clinic

482 Interstate Dr A, Manchester, TN 37355


Dr. Albert Brandon


Dr. Glen Davis


Donna Tudor

Nurse Practitioner

Keeley Sears

Nurse Practitioner

Krista Bailey

Nurse Practitioner

Rapha Centre

Dr. Rene delValle

Physician - Rapha Centre

Joe Chester

Licensed Therapist - Rapha Centre

Catherine Mukherji

Nurse Practitioner